LPC1549 (or LPC1500), How to use SDCard to program the LPC1549 when inserted.

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I'm looking for a way in using SDCard which contain binary file, when inserted automatically kick start the bootloader, take file from SDCard and program the LPC1549.

The question is how, is there demo code that done that.

What right material I should make a start? I have read on AN11555 so far.  My impression so far I have to write up custom bootloader that copy from FLASH into RAM and then load file from SDCard and write content into FLASH, possibly using IAP code. 

I seen article on LPC1700 and LPC2000, but could not find article for LPC15xx device.

Is there reason it cannot be done on LPC15xx lack something from LPC1700 or LP2000? (I can see ISP lack SPI interface).