SPI rom driver - RX buffer and Data Length

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DAMEK on Wed Jun 11 06:02:40 MST 2014
Hey team,

i using your periph_spi_rom_interrupt project in lpcOpen version 2.08b

if i use the 16bit data length option all works fine.
now i want to reduce the length to 8 bit (SPI_PARAM_T.fsize_sel from 0x0F0xxxxx to 0x070xxxxx) reference to uml10736 - page 402

and the total number of SPI Transfers *2 (e.g. for 2 bytes =>SPI_PARAM_T.size from 1 to 2)  but the rx buffer only have the last / highest 8 bit from the transfered 16 bit.

does anyone have an idea? i think, the rom driver is only for 16 bit transfers.

PS: i want to use the 8 bit mode for ungrade transfers. e.g. 9 byte or 3 byte. until a response arrives i try the dma spi rom mode :)

and what detailed function have the function "pSpiApi->spi_get_mem_size()" is that mem only for code or also for buffers?