Field Oriented Control (FOC) of PMSM motor using LPC15xx

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Hi all members,
we own a "OM13067: LPC1549 Motor Control Kit"  and we can successfully send command to and get status from the evaluation board using firmware demo either via GUI or via text console.
FOC works as expected with Teknic motor but... we can't understand why in the firmware and also in the AN11517 application note (precisely at pages 15/39 and at pages 16/39) there is  a swap between d-axis and q.axis (please look at figures 11 and 13).
I mean: with FOC conditions fullfilled, d-axis PI regulator output should set PMSMS flux reference (Vd reference) and q-axis PI regulator output should set PMSM torque reference (Vq reference) as figure 13 tries to explain.
Figure 11, on the other hand,  states that Idset (instead of Iqset!!!) comes from speed output regulator.

Maybe we miss something...

Thank you in advance for any help.