LPC15xx ADC readings

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kbowers on Thu Aug 28 10:52:42 MST 2014
I am having some issues with the accuracy of the ADC readings on the LPC1549 using the Xpresso V2 board.  I am sampling several inputs using burst mode and am seeing relatively accurate readings on ADC1 but not on ADC0 (about 10% high)  The driving circuitry on all the channels are almost identical.

I have run the calibration cycle on both ADC0 and ADC1 and all the setup configurations are identical.

Is it possible that ADC0 is damaged?  Can I select channel 0 to be the temperature on both ADC's and compare the values to confirm they are both working correctly?

I was also wondering what the VDDA/2 input to channel 0 should read.  Should it not just be 2048 or is there a formula to convert the ADC reading to an actual voltage for VDDA/2.