Missing SCT functions in lpcopen for LPC15xx

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Hi all,

I was looking at AN11538 for some code to get started on SCT and the simplest example seems to be the periph_SCT2_repetitive_irq. However, the example code will not work with lpcopen as functions for EventState and EventControl are not defined in lpcopen. The example code in the Application note is as follows -

void SCT2_Init(void)
Chip_SCT_Init(LPC_SCT2);                   // enable the SCT2 clock

Chip_SCT_Config(LPC_SCT2, SCT_CONFIG_32BIT_COUNTER  |// unified timers,
                              SCT_CONFIG_AUTOLIMIT_L    );// auto limit

Chip_SCT_SetMatchCount(LPC_SCT2, SCT_MATCH_0,(SystemCoreClock/100) - 1);//match 0 @ 100 Hz = 10 msec
Chip_SCT_SetMatchReload(LPC_SCT2, SCT_MATCH_0, (SystemCoreClock/100) - 1);

Chip_SCT_EventState(LPC_SCT2, SCT_EVENT_0, ENABLE_ALL_STATES); // event 0 happens in all states ----> FUNCTION IS MISSING IN LPCOPEN
Chip_SCT_EventControl(LPC_SCT2, SCT_EVENT_0, SCT_COMBMODE_MATCH);// match 0 only condition ----> FUNCTION IS MISSING IN LPCOPEN

Chip_SCT_EnableEventInt(LPC_SCT2,SCT_EVT_0);// event 0 generates an interrupt

NVIC_EnableIRQ(SCT2_IRQn);                             // enable SCT2 interrupt

Chip_SCT_ClearControl(LPC_SCT2,SCT_CTRL_HALT_L);// start timer

For now, I'm accessing the registers directly, but it will be nice to know if this is a known issue and when it will be fixed.