LPC1549 User USB disk interface

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by DavidKiryat8 on Tue May 17 01:06:12 MST 2016
  On our custom LPC1549 board,we plan to use the USB interface (ISP_0 low) to program our custom secondary boot loader. The secondary boot loader will in turn check for a valid user program and if it does not exist or if a GPIO pin is low at reset, I would like to bring up a similar USB interface for transferring an user program update.
We do about the same thing (except using uart for secondary boot loader programmer) on our current LPC1768 boards using the RDB1768cmsis_usb_bootloader demo code.
  I did not see an example in the LPC Open files.
Also I could not find details of the LPC1549 rom functions.
I did find a ram disk msdos example on the net which Win7 wants to format.
I just want the same functionality as the rom bootloader but copying the file to a different internal offset.
Any help?