System crashes with change of variable size

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I am using LPC1549 processor.
I have put together some example code from lpcOpen (USB VCOM, ADC, DAC) All is working. Have been using VCOM for debug printouts. Now I have added TFT LCD to show some ADC data on it. All was working until I haven't use frame buffer and I draw directly to LCD memory. Then I wished to use frame buffer and problems started :(

After some research I found out there is a stack problem since stack is addressed at end of first RAM bank. I have changed in MCU setting that there is only one bank with size 0x9000 (I use LPC1549 with 36k RAM)

I have static uint16_t framebuffer[LCD_X*LCD_Y] array. LCD_X is always 128 and if I set LCD_Y to 80 all is working. (framebuffer size is 20480byte) but if I change LCD_Y size to 40 or 20 ( so less then 80), system crashes immediately even if I don't use framebuffer array at all!

What is wrong? What am I missing?

This code is working on different project with the same TFT LCD and LPC1758 with different compiler so code should be correct.