Newbie needs help on triggering ADC from SCT - LPC1549 - LPCExpresso board

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As a hardware engineer in a small company, I'm new to LPCExpresso, new to microcontrollers and new to programming in C. (Cue steep learnings curves!) So please forgive me if I'm asking simplistic questions!
I have a requirement to digitise telephony at 8kHz sampling rate and direct it through a serial port. Using the pre-installed example code, I've somehow (!) managed to get this working, along with a looped-back serial connection linked to the DAC. So audio in ends up as audio out.
My trouble is that the example ADC code uses a slow rate SysTick clock which can't go to 8kHz.
So I want to use one of the SCTs to trigger the ADC.
Having spent days trying to understand the sample SCT codes, I've got nowhere.
Can anyone suggest some simple code to persuade an SCT to trigger the ADC?
I stress that I'm new to C and therefore struggling to follow the highly nested example code. There seems to be a dislocation between the chip's user manual and the example code which doesn't help.
I'm using the LPCExpresso dev board with LPC1549 chip.

BTW, if anyone running this forum reads this, may I suggest adding a more advanced search factility. The ablity to use logical functions such as AND, OR, NOT in the search would *really" save time.