LPC1517 doens't respond

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by BowlingNL on Tue Aug 05 07:22:28 MST 2014
I'm experiencing a problem with the ISP and SWD of the LPC1715. I can't debug or program the device, not by the SWD or ISP.

This morning it was working perfectly, but suddenly I couldn't debug the device any more, I was getting some error about RedLink server. So I tried to program the device by ISP, that also wasn't possible. So I assumed the device was broken, and I replaced it for a new one.
With the new device installed I first tested the ISP, and worked fine (I didn't program the device, only read the device ID). Then I started a debug session within LPCXpresso, at first it looked it was okay. But than the error appeared again. After that the ISP also doesn't work anymore.

I use a custom board, with the latest version of LPCXpresso en LPCopen. Can software cause the device to become unusable? The crystal is still oscillating.

Can anyone help me?