Complementary PWM in LPC19 Series

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ranjith Shanbhag on Tue Jun 02 06:36:13 MST 2015

We are working on the synchronous buck converter application using "LPC1549JBD100E". We need to use separate PWM outputs with complementary features to control 8 MOSFET's. We wanted to control all 8 MOSFET's using different PWM chanels i.e. different duty cycles with programmable/configurable dead time. We have noticed "Up to 8 single-edge or dual-edge controlled PWM outputs with independent duty cycles and common PWM cycle length" as per LPC user manual (please refer LPC15xx User manual, page no.222).

Please let us know how to implement the complementary PWM to control 8 MOSFET's(4 TOP and 4 Bottom) in our synchronous buck converter.

Ranjith R Shanbagh