C_CAN SDO Expedited Write response

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by gwlindberg on Fri Nov 13 10:39:48 MST 2015
I'm starting to look at implementing CANOpen parameter storing and I've run into a confusion.
The CANOpen specification says that when saving parameters, initiated by writing a certain value to a specified OD entry, if the save is successful, then confirm the SDO transmission, if the write failed, send an abort transfer service (0606 0000h), and if the wrong signature was sent then respond with abort transfer service (0606 002xh).
I don't see anything in the C_CAN documentation for an SDO Expedited Write that allows for changing the response.  The documentation for the SDO Expedited Write callback doesn't even say anything about the return value of the callback, although the example does show returning either TRUE or FALSE.
Does anyone know anything about adjusting the response to an SDO Expedited Write?