LPC15xx USB-less ISP

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by EtaPhi on Thu Aug 21 00:54:41 MST 2014
I'm new to NXP microcontroller.
I'm developing a board to control a PMSM with FOC algoritm.
My board is going to use a LPC1519JBD64 or LPC1518JDB64 or LPC1517JBD64 according to the computing resources that my final firmware will need.

I wonder what may happen when ISP_0 (PIO1_9) and ISP_1 (PIO1_11) are both pulled up and my firmware signature isn't valid.
LPC15xx datasheet says that in such case, the USB bootloader is run, but these parts have no USB.

Should I provide my board with dip-switches to select USART0 ISP mode (or C_CAN mode) as a safety measure?

I'll really appreciate any suggestion.