LPC1549 debugging issues (LPCRunBootRomReset.scp)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mubes on Thu May 08 04:52:26 MST 2014

LPCXpresso 7.1.1 has the following script in the file LPC15RunBootRomReset;

100 REM Reset script to run the boot rom at Reset
110 cmresetvectorcatchset this
120 cmsysresetreq this
130 print "Halt on reset vector catch"
140 cmresetvectorcatchclear this
150 cmwatchset this 0 4
160 cmrun this
170 cmwatchset this 0 0x40074380
180 cmrun this
190 print "Halt on watchpoint write of ROMWSCTRL register"
200 cmwatchclear this 0
210 poke32 this 0x40074380 1
220 end

Can anyone help out with what this is for?  I cannot find a register at 0x40074380 ... according to Pg. 40 of the user manual UM10736 the whole area from (0x40074)220 to 3F0 is just marked as reserved. I'm pretty sure this code will have been copy/pasted from another script, but the register location doesn't appear in any of the other scripts in the directory.

If I leave this script in my (defaulted) debug config for my custom board then the part doesn't halt and I get 'cannot access registers while CPU running' type of errors. Removing it makes all good, but I cannot access the trace functionality (complains it can't find the rom) which I think may be related to this...