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friends :

a question arises for the lpc1549 : lpcxpresso 7.2.0 cpp (C++ lpcopen proj)

the default stack pointer seems to be assigned at the end of xxx_Debug.ld linker script

       PROVIDE(_pvHeapStart = .);
    PROVIDE(_vStackTop = __top_Ram0_16 - 0);

the location of __top_Ram0_16 is at 0x02004000 which is at the end +1 of the 1st 16 k sram "Ram0"

the lpc1549 has 2 x 16 k + 4k sram

one would assume that it should by default be placed at the end of sram +1 which is 0x02009000

i did a quick and dirty hack of hard coding this void (*)() function pointer in cr_startup_lpc15xx.cpp and my pgm works now since i use at least 32 k sram ... it took a while to figure it out since i 1st assumed my pgm is somehow at fault

this can't be the intended fix for it i assume.

what's the appropriate solution for it ... i can't just start hacking happily away, right from the start

thanks, cheers efiLabs