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trouble program T2080 IFC NAND FLASH(MT29F4G08) in vxWorks

Question asked by 姜 伟琼 on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2016 by 姜 伟琼

T2080RDB Rev-C machine

In uboot, the NAND FLASH can be access using :   nand dump 0 ...   can printf some information

I run vxWorks OS in this RDB board,  CPLD and NOR FLASH can work good, but NAND FLASH can not work good.


1、VxWorks OS version: 6.9

2、Initial IFC timing, and set the LAW values

3、NOR  ---> CS0

     CPLD ----> CS2

     NAND ----> CS1

when i port the nand flash initial code to vxWorks,  access the CS1 LAWs address space,  i can not detect the CS1 singnal.  and i found that when i just modify the NAND TIMING to work GPCM mode, CS1 falling edge singnal is present. why????   anybody can help me?