LPC 1227 - how to read value from GPIO input?

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Hello to all,

i am very new to embedded programming and so i have a very simple question, which i wasn't able to answer by myself.
I have experiences with JAVA and fundamental knowledge with Python and C by using a RaspberryPi.

For a traineeship i now have a PREV601 blueboard (information to PREV601) witch includes among others a LPC1227, two led and two buttons.
After reading all the datasheets, UMs and so on and after trying the given samplecode i want to write some simple code by my self. At the moment i'm able to define the GPIOs as outputs and change their values, so i can controle the on board LEDs.

My question is: How can i read the value of a GPIO to use him as input?

I use this method to write values to an output GPIO:

But there seems to be no mehtod to read the current value of a GPIO.
In examples for other uC i found the following code, but it does not work with the LPC1227:

In this moment i want one of the on board LEDs to shine by pressing one of the on board buttons, but at the end the button shall start the reading procedure of a NFC card.

I hope someone can help me solving this problem!

Many thanks in advance!