LPC1200 + CLEV663B blueboard

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I`m new to this topic.
I have LPC 1227/301 + CLEV663B Blueboard.
I use LPCXpresso v. 4.2.3.

I downloaded demo project called: CLEV663B Polling Project for LPC1227.
From this site: http://www.nxp.com/demoboard/CLEV663B.html#documentation

Everything is set as in the documentation. Two boards are connected to USB.

When I debug this project, in Console I see:
I2C link selected

/****** Begin Polling ******/

and then it stops.

I want to see the information -
- no tag or
- the card type and its number (when it is approached to the board)

What do I need to do more or what do I do wrong?

Thanks for your help!