lpc1227 (lpcxpresso board) not debuggable/programmable: any way to rescue it?

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Hi all,

I successfully programmed/debugged my applicationon this board during the past two weeks.

Today I lost the ability to program/debug the lpc1227.

I tried using:

- the LPC-Link thourgh the LPCXpresso IDE obtaining

  02: Failed on connect
  Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.
  Emu(0): Connected. Was: None. DpID:     EDB6. Info: HID64HS12

- the Jlink through the IAR workbench 6.5 for arm obtaining:

  Unable to get CPU status after 4 retries. Retry?

- the Ulink2 through the Keil uVision IDE obtaining:

  SWD Communication failure. (kinda..do not remember exactly..sorry)

The application currenty (if the mcu is not bricked) executing is about deep sleep mode woken up by 1Hz RTC. I notice a strange LED2 activity that blink very feebly.

I also tried to
- put ISP pin to low state during reset and
- try connecting through all the methods exposed above...

...but it didn't solve my problem.

Is there any way to recover the mcu?

Thanks for the (eventual) support. ^_^

Best regards,