Re-programming lpc1227

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The lpc1227 is on a board with external 256K-byte eeprom via SPI and it communicates to the main CPU board via SPI as slave most of the time. The main CPU will put the new upgrade code in the external eeprom and lpc1227 will take over the SPI control and move the code to its flash. Here are some issues I need to resolve:

(1) Do I need to convert the .axf file into binary before putting it into eeprom?

(2) My idea is to put the code (E2F) that moves the content in eeprom to on-chip flash in RAM. The E2F code will call the IAP functions in ROM to erase the flash and update it with new code. Is it the correct way?

(3) First of all, I need to copy a 4K-byte section from SPI eeprom to RAM. Then, program the flash 128-byte at a time (with prepare and row-write).

(4) From user manual, it mentions the IAP functions use the first 32 bytes of RAM. So, how do I place the E2F code after these 32-byte in RAM?

(5) Are there things I overlook?

I do need the help and light from all of you.