Never wakes up from Deep Sleep

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I have a simple application where I want to:

- Take an analogue sample.
- Go to deep Sleep for 10 ms.
- Tale a new sample
- Sleep
- etc...

The plan is to make the WD run during sleep, and let it generate an interrupt when timer expires, which should wake up the cpu.

What I can do right now, is entering Deep Sleep.
And I can make the WD reset the cpu when timer expires. This means that the WD timer is running OK during Sleep.
But when i want to make just a IRQ when timer expires, it never wakes up.

System details:
- LPC1225
- Running on IRC
- Rowley Crossworks IDE

Here is how I do:


// Enter Deep Sleep:
    LPC_SYSCON->SYSAHBCLKCTRL |= (1<<15); // Enable WD clock
    LPC_WWDT->TC     = 0x1000;              // Set timer (appr. 1 sec at the moment)
    LPC_WWDT->CLKSEL = 1;                   // select watchdog oscillator as Watchdog clock source
    LPC_WWDT->MOD    = 1;                   // WD timeout = IRQ
//    LPC_WWDT->MOD    = 3;                 // WD timeout = IRQ + CPU Reset
    LPC_WWDT->FEED   = 0xAA;                // Load WD registers
    LPC_WWDT->FEED   = 0x55;                // load WD registers

    // Enable WD IRQ:

    LPC_SYSCON->PDSLEEPCFG &= ~(1<<6); // WD timer running during deep sleep
    SCB->SCR |= (1 << 2); // Select deep sleep mode

    __WFI(); // Enter Sleep mode

I have this handler for the interrupt:

void WDT_IRQHandler( void )
  // Clear sleep bit:
  SCB->SCR &= ~(1 << 2);

  LPC_SYSCON->MAINCLKSEL    = 0;     /* Select PLL Clock Output  */
  LPC_SYSCON->MAINCLKUEN    = 0x01;               /* Update MCLK Clock Source */
  LPC_SYSCON->MAINCLKUEN    = 0x00;               /* Toggle Update Register   */
  while (!(LPC_SYSCON->MAINCLKUEN & 0x01));       /* Wait Until Updated       */

  // Turn ON an LED to indicate wakeup:
  GPIOSetPortBit( Status_LED_GREEN_PORT, Status_LED_GREEN_PIN, ON );

I have read several forum posts, user manuals and application notes, and have tried pretty much everything...
But it still don't wake up from sleep.

I am convinced that I am close to the target, as I can make the WD run suring sleep, and is able to make the cpu reset at WD timeout.
But I can't make the WD IRQ wake up the cpu.

Thanks in advance for any help !