Info Block info

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by jdurand on Thu Nov 15 11:24:55 MST 2012
Just some info if you're planning to use the 4 Information Block pages in the processor.

First, there ARE information block pages.  It's not highly advertised but they're pretty handy.

You do NOT use the PREPARE command from IAP for these specific pages.

You use the ERASE INFO PAGE command with no preparation.

You then use the normal COPY RAM TO FLASH command.

These are NOT erased with an ISP "Erase All" command and of course if you're using your own boot-loader code you can't erase them with the normal Sector Erase.  This has good and bad points.  After doing a full erase in a CRP-2 protected processor, anyone can now read the info pages.  But, it means you can store something less private like the serial number there and it will survive firmware updates, even if you use ERASE ALL.

The info pages can be erased 20,000 times per the data sheet, so don't put anything that changes often here.