GPIO Port byte pin registers

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Hi All,
The following code turns on the led on Xpresso board 1347
  [*]//for GPIO0_7 to turn on LED
  [*]unsigned char *Port0_7 = (unsigned char *)0x50000007;
  [*]*Port0_7 = 1;
My questions are about Table 130 and 131 on the datasheet,UM10524, section I'd like to know what B stands for in

Table 130. GPIO port 0 byte pin registers (B0 to B23, addresses 0x5000 0000 to 0x5000 0018) bit description


Table 131. GPIO port 1 byte pin registers (B32 to B63, addresses 0x5000 0020 to 0x5000 002F) bit description

I think that 'B' is 'bit'. I also have the following questions.

Question 1 Should the addresses be 0x5000 0000 to 0x5000 0017 in the Table 130?
Question 2 LPC1347FBD48 has 29 GPIOPort1 pins. It doesn't have PIO1_9 or PIO1_30. Shouldn't the addresses be from 0x5000 0020 to 0x5000 003F in Table 131?