ISP programming of LPC1225FBD64/301 - autobaud failure issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by neelamnaik on Wed Apr 22 22:36:50 MST 2015
I am using LPC1225FBD64 in my project.  Using flash magic V9.000 to program using ISP.
For the very first time we tried to connect and it did connect, but mistakenly we loaded the hex file generated from AN11069 and  then onwards I am not able to connect/communicate with the IC using ISP ( flash magic).
Tried to connect using different baud as 9600 to 57600,
tried to connect by giving LOW on RESET pin

I am holding the pin PIO0_12 low and powering the device but when trying to connect using flash magic I am getting error as :

failed to autobaud .....

please help.

Also, found below statement in User manual, want to know more details about the same:

"If PIO0_12 is sampled low and the watchdog overflow flag is set, the external hardware
request to start the ISP command handler is ignored."
my query is how to know if " the watchdog overflow flag  is set " ? and whether this could be reason of my issue of failing to autobaud ?

please help as i am stuck in this issue.