which pins for ISP mode UART0 programming?

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I am currently in a design phase of an application which uses two UARTS, This is why i chose LPC1225.
The problem which I am facing now is which UART pins are actually used for ISP programming?

DT says that I should use UART0 pins (RXD0 and TXD0) to program the flash in the chip. That's cool but UM says that RXD0 and TXD0 are available on two different ports (RXD0 on PIO0_1 and PIO2_1, TXD0 on PIO0_2 and PIO2_2) which can be read in the pin multiplexing chapter.

Can I use either of those pins to program the device? Can I use for example PIO0_1 and PIO0_2 to communicate with another device and PIO2_1, PIO2_2 for ISP programming only?