LPC1343 lost SWD capabilities after setting NO_ISP CRP Mode

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by BrunoF on Wed Jan 08 23:08:13 MST 2014
Hi there,

im using a LPCXpresso 1343 board, and just programmed the target device in NO_ISP mode. Now, i'm getting the "Failed to connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.:" while trying to re-program a new firmware to the device via LPCXpresso Run or Debug modes. Why is this happening?

As i read in the AN10968:

These devices also feature a new protection level “NO_ISP” which will suppress response to the ISP pin at system startup (but will not prevent debug via SWD, nor will it prevent read access to flash memory)

So, OK. I was expecting loosing ISP capabilities (no more serial or USB bootloader) but why SWD too? Why im not being able to update/debug the firmware via LPCXPresso? Is there an option in Project Settings that i should change?

Thanks for reading.