AN11069: Why reboot after leaving DEEP SLEEP?

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Hi support,

Question. AN11069 provides sample code for dealing with DEEP SLEEP (and other low power modes). The DEEP SLEEP implementation (with RTC based wakeup) simply reboots after waking up. I am using this feature, but cannot reboot after waking up (I would loose state information). However I find that waking up is not very robust. I get frequent hangups (but not always). Can the system wakeup reliably?

Detailed questions:
- Why does the application note do this? Is it simply an oversight or is there a problem with the re-initializing of clocks?
- Is there a code example that provides an insight into how to setup the clocks (with implicit timing information) after waking up when going to DEEP SLEEP with a timed RTC wakeup + GPIO wakeup based on the WDT clock (as detailed in the errata sheet)?

My application:
- Runs on the IRC + PLL to get to 24 MHz CPU clock
- Switches to the IRC input, followed by the lowest possible WDT clock for DEEP SLEEP
- Always wakes up nicely from DEEP SLEEP (so the WDT clock is running after waking up)
- Switches on a GPIO LED
- Hangs in the re-initialization of clocks (sync on locking the PLL + switching to the PLL clock source)