LPC_CT16B1 current consumption

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by alubeiro on Mon Nov 24 07:17:50 MST 2014
Hi everybody,

I'm working with LPC1227 and LPCXpresso and i got the CT16B1 working successfully as PWM.
When i have started taking a look at current consumption i have realised that something weird is happening.
When i set the match register as follows, before running the last line the current is about 60mA, and after running it the current dropes to 7 mA more or less. Why is that?
Can anybody help me?

/* Setup the match registers */
    /* set the period value to a global variable */
    timer16_1_period = period;
    LPC_CT16B1->MR3 = timer16_1_period;
    LPC_CT16B1->MR2  = timer16_1_period/2;
    LPC_CT16B1->MR1  = timer16_1_period/2;
    LPC_CT16B1->MR0= timer16_1_period/2;

Thanks and best regards.