LPC1225/321 flash programming problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jgorsk on Fri Mar 22 05:57:47 MST 2013
I'm trying to do to do some flash programming/erasing on the LPC1225/321.

I follow the example from:
published by Daniel Widyanto.

I'm trying to erase and write to sector 16 (starting at address 0x0001 0000)

'iap_prepare_sector' function seems to be working but whenever I want to erase
sector 16 or program flash 'iap_erase_sector' and 'iap_copy_ram_to_flash' functions
stop responding.

'iap_copy_ram_to_flash' function is writing something to the selected location
in flash but not exactly what I wanted. 'iap_erase_sector' erases the written 4 bytes
but never returns control either.

Last 32 bytes of RAM are excluded from use by linker.

System clock is 24MHz and is properly detected by 'iap_init' function.

What can cause this?