CDL within nxpUSBlib uses LPC17xx includes when project configured for LPC13xx?

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I'm a newb to Eclipse and NXP, so hopefully this is not totally stupid question:

I'm building a USB-MIDI device using the LPC1343.  I've started by copying nxpUSBlib v0.93 into a workspace and I'm modifying the Mass Storage example project since it already has a LPC13xx configuration.  I modified the descriptors and USB handler function pointers and everything builds, so far so good.

Problem when comes when I want to start adding driver for other peripherals.  It seems like when the CDL LPC13xx configuration is active, it is using a bunch of LPC17xx includes, which is confusing.  Is this because the lpc13xx and 17xx are architecturally close enough that they can share a lot of code?

Trying to follow the lead of what was active in the LPC13xx configuration of the CDL project, I tried including "debug_frmwrk.h" from ..\CDL\LPC17xxLib\inc but that leads to the project wanting LPC17xx.h etc.  I get the feeling I'm barking up the wrong tree here.

The peripherals I want to use drivers for on the LPC13xx are UART, SPI and GPIO.  Help?