LPC1317 SysTick behavior

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Vijay Vaidya on Wed Aug 14 07:23:32 MST 2013
Hello all,

We are using LPC1317 and we are observing a strange behavior of the controller.

During the start-up procedure, the moment we configure SysTick to generate interrupt
at 2msec, we start getting the interrupts even if the bit 15 of NVIC->ISER[0] is NOT Set,
i.e. SysTick IRQ is not specifically enabled.
Even NVIC->IABR[0] when saved inside StsTick_Handler() shows 0x0. As per the ARM manual
it should have it's bit-15 set.

That the interrupts do get generated is shown by the other actions that we take
in SysTick_Handler().

If we bypass SysTick Configuration the SysTick Interrupt does not get generated.

We are using Code-Red5 suite for development. What are we missing.


Vijay Vaidya