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Linker Error message using Coldfire 52233Demo Board with CW for Coldfire 7.0

Discussion created by Richard Haldemann on May 1, 2008
Latest reply on May 5, 2008 by Richard Haldemann
I have started using CW7.0 for Coldfire with the Coldfire_Light_CW6.4 project from Eric Gregori. I added a new task just toggling one LED. And as that worked I added extra code to read a digital temperature sensor (from Sensirion) and that task needs floating point math. But then I got an error message :
Link Error, Undefined : "_f_mul"
Referenced from " calc_temp" in TempHumi.c
That looks as if there was some *.h files missing!?
I converted that float program from a HC08 project where it worked without problems! So the math itself is o.k.
Any help out there?
PS: I created a new project just multiplying two float numbers and that worked. Is it a problem as I had to convert the ColdFire_Light_CW6.4 -> CW 7.0