FatFs in LPC1343 LPCXpresso

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Hey guys,

I'm a newbie in microcontroller's stuff, but lately I've been studing and developping for LPC1343 and now I have the need of storing data in a NOR Flash memory, so I did a research of how could I store this data, and what API's are available and I found the FatFs library, which proposes to abstract the hard part of the job, what seems perfect for my needs.

In the website http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_e.html there's a example of how to use it in LPC1788 but It's too long and I wish there was a simple one, just showing how to create, open, read and write files.

I have no Ideia how would be the basic implementation of this API and what I need to do to make it work.
I know it looks a little leech from me,  to hope you give me a code sample, but I'm trying by myself since yesterday and I couldn't do anything til now.

So, a resume of my doubt is : "Whats the basic implementation of the API to make me able to create, read, write files? And what functions I must provide to the API works with my NOR Flash?"

I really do appreciate your help!!

Best Regards,
Fernando Augusto Rebêllo
Computer Science student - Univali