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Hi All,

With reference to LPC1347 breakout board I've designed my own board using LPC1347 with some added feature and also on that board reset and isp buttons are there

When I program any sample project to flash using LPC link 2 then it works fine.

when I connect the device, and pressed Reset+ISP buttons windows detect it as CRP DISABLED which is as it should be and I can easily programmed device by copying *.bin file to device. The device manager shows the device as Human Interface Devices(HID-compliant device). After reset the board,  I am expecting to work but it was not working. I found that windows always detecting CRP DISABLED, and I am not able exit from this mode. 

Again when I program using LPC link2 then it works normally.

I would like that the boot loader should exit from USB MSC mode?  My hardware for putting device in USB MSC is exact replica of reference design. But nothing happens when I copy .bin file to usb device.

So please guide me How can I reprogram my device using usb msc mode?

I made some electrical check of my hardware & found out the the ISP pin (PIO0_1) is always low and reset pin doesnt have any effect. What does it signify? Does ISP pin goes always low when the device is in USB HID mode?