USB register - group of newbies need help

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We are a group of 3 studying IT in college and we have a huge problem. We have never studied about microprocessor programming and they expect us to do a USB register (at least I think that's how you call it in English).
We have to do it on LPC1347 (Cortex M3). It has to perform like this: There are 8 PINs, which you can connect to a source of signal (voltage) and it's supposed to be sent via USB to a PC. Now, on the PC we have to make an application which will receive the signal (I guess an 8-element array will be best) and it will draw a V(t) graph. Drawing the graph is easy, but sending and receiving the signal is what makes it difficult. We can at least use an example (with little modifications to the code, obviously), and we think the best one for this would be usbd_rom_cdc one, from LPCOpen library examples. From what we can see there (in cdc_main.c file at the bottom), there is a loop which will receive signal from PC and immediately send it back, so what we have to do is to modify it so that it will receive signal from the 8 PINs, "pack it" into an array and send it to PC. Then on PC we have to come up with a code which will receive the signal. We tried to learn it from countless examples, posts on forums etc. but, well, it's quite hard. Could you please help us? I will attach the example should you need it.
Thank you in advance.

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