I2C & LPC1347 - Does the i2c.c::I2CStart() routine need a delay inserted (LPCXpresso board)?

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Does anyone have a better 'fix' for an issue I am facing, where to get reliable communications, I have inserted a delay in the I2Start() routine?

Description of the Problem:
On an LPCXpresso LPC1347 testbed, and using a SE95 temperature sensor wired exactly as per SE95 Section 14 Application Information, Fig 18 Typical application circuit, I am finding that the first READ of the SE95 succeeds, but all subsequent reads fail.

A solution which appears to solve the Problem:
I added line which re-uses the now discarded timeout variable:
  for (timeout = 0; timeout < STARTDELAY; ++timeout);
My Revised routine is below.

I2C communication is apparently reliable with a STARTDELAY value of 1000, for the simple testbed case and where the clock is not changed from default start value of 12MHz. I have set STARTDELAY to be 5000 in my code.

Why did I pick this particular solution?
Using the Microchip Pickit Serial Analzyer, I noted that the START lasts 300uS, while the LPC1347 uses timing which looks like the I2C timing diagram in the datasheet, Fig 24. I2C-bus pins clock timing (actually showing as 5.6uS).
I was surprised that this change gave desired results, since the START length is determined elsewhere.

Note: There is no NO visible difference in the timing display from applying a STARTDELAY - values as large as 500000 appearing to have no other effect than to ensure consistent I2C operation. Attached is a copy of the timing display, with STARTDELAY at 500000, and a timing display when STARTDELAY is 1 and the read fails on the second and subsequent reads.

Note #2: {unchecked and untested opinion :) }
I2CSlaveBuffer could possibly over-run in state 50.  i2c.c::void I2C_IRQHandler(void)
Data is read from register BEFORE checking whether number of bytes has been exceeded.

uint32_t I2CStart( void )
  uint32_t timeout = 0;
  uint32_t retVal = FALSE;

  /*--- Issue a start condition ---*/
  LPC_I2C->CONSET = I2CONSET_STA;/* Set Start flag */
  /*--- Wait until START transmitted ---*/
  while( 1 )
if ( I2CMasterState == I2C_STARTED )
  retVal = TRUE;
  // found issue reading SE95 - this delay seemed to allow it to work
  for (timeout = 0; timeout < startDelay; ++timeout);
if ( timeout >= MAX_TIMEOUT )
  retVal = FALSE;
  return( retVal );