Problems loading LPC Xpresso 1347 Sample Code

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by thewill2live on Sun Feb 16 17:04:53 MST 2014
Hey guys, I am a first timer with things like this but I am trying to follow the User Guide for my LPC 1347 to compile and run the simple blinky sample project in hopes of getting a better understanding of how to work this thing (I'm taking a class this semester and we are to program on this MCU and the professor is less than helpful).

I noticed that the IDE didn't come with Sample Code for the 1347 so i searched through these forums and was eventually linked to this page which looked to have the files I needed. However trying to add in the projects like the User Guide tells me to wouldn't work because the IDE kept saying that it could not find any projects in that archive. I tried unzipping into a directory and having it add in that way but still got a "no projects found" error. Opening the directory in windows explorer I can see that the files exist but for some reason they're not recognized by the IDE.

My last ditch effort was to create my own project and manually add in all the src and inc files from those sample projects by dragging them into my project but compilation led to many errors along the lines of "undefined reference to GPIOSetDir" after I manually found and added in all the "missing" header files.

If anyone can point me in the right direction so that I can figure out how to write/compile/load my first program with my 1347 I would be very grateful! Thanks!