how to use DEBUGOUT and DEBUGSTR in lpcopen platform  v1.03 examples

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Hi all,
I have some questions on the lpcopen platform v1.03 document, called "NXP Xpresso LPC1347 board" at http://docs.lpcware.com/lpcopen/v1.03/_l_p_c_o_p_e_n_13_x_x__b_o_a_r_d__x_p_r_e_s_s_o_1347.html
It describes how to set up the hardware, NXP Xpresso LPC1347 board, and optionally set the uart for getting debug messages via a uart. The below is my original posting without this intro.
I understand that ARM has a general function called semihosting which uses a uart for debug output.

--Old posting
The documentation for lpcopen platform describes "Optional UART setup for NXP Xpresso LPC1347 board". It says "Once the dongle is connected to the board, UART support can be enabled in the platform by enabling the DEBUG_ENABLE define in the sys_config.h file for the board. This allows the DEBUGOUT and DEBUGSTR macros to route data to the UART."
My questions are:
  [*]Is the uart function automatically compiled in the example project such as nxp_xpresso_1347_periph_blinky?
[*] If so, how to specify the port number for debug?
[*] What is the format for DEBUGOUT? Is it DEBUGOUT("my message"); ?
[*] What is for DEBUGSTR?