Writing 8 bit data on port in fastest way

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What is the fastest way to write 8 bit data on continuous port pins.

Can't I write in one go. I didn't find data register for that.Only way I can find faster is use RMW.

 temp = PIN& 0x000000ff;
temp = temp | (data & 0x000000ff);
PIN= data;

2. Also there is strct for GPIO in LPC13uxx.h  Now if I redine PIN[2] as

__IO uint32_t PIN[2];

__IO uint8_t PIN_byte[8];           /* get it in 8 byte format */

Now write like:
PIN_byte[0] = (uint8_t)data;

I am not sure if PIN register can be accessed in 8 bits. Is it correct way.