Ed:02: Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error :((

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Dear Sirs,
I'm a newbie with Cortex family so I need some help with an issue.
I've been programming few days (blinking leds and so on) in my brilliant LPC1347 rev.A without problems but today I've tried program a new code and received the following message:

Ed:02: Failed on connect: Ee(07). Bad ACK returned from status - wire error.
Et: Emu(0): Connected. Was: None. DpID:     EDB6. Info: HID64HS12
Error 0: (null)
Last sticky: 0. AIndex: 0
No MemAp selected
No Speed test
SWD Frequency: 50 KHz. RTCK: False. Vector catch: False.
Packet delay: 0  Poll delay: 0.
Pc: (100) Target Connection Failed

Onboard led P0_7 is blinking because last code did it, so LPC1374 is running properly.

I've read in other posts to try enter in Debug mode so I've made this:
- Unplug USB
- Pin P0_1 to GND
- Plug USB cable
- Release P0_1
- Pin P0_0 to GND to make a reset
- Release P0_0
- Try to program (no results)

Then I try to modify vector catch to TRUE (http://support.code-red-tech.com/CodeRedWiki/DebugAccessChip) without solving it.

Power lines are ok (3.3, 1.8->1.4v and 1.2v).

When I click to program flash, onboard led near LPC3154 (LPC-Link side) lights on briefly (less than 0.5s) and then appears the fatal message.

Can anybody help me please? :) 

Kind Regards!