Getting higher baud rate usart with 72Mhz

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by aamir ali on Sat Aug 10 05:21:04 MST 2013
I read formula on page 223 of Um10524 which gives max baud rate. I am operating uart at 72Mhz.

By this formula I get max baud rate as: 409090. with 8 data , 1 stop & no parity

I have use it for 921600. I think this can be done if oversampling is done by x8 instead of x16. But I think there is no setting.

But LPC1315/16/17/45/46/47 product datsheet says that:
"Maximum USART data bit rate of 3.125 Mbit/s"

How to achieve higher baud rate