1347 no sense of Erase Page.  What for is it used? newbie

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What is the sense of Erase Page?
I want to update my firmware, so my steps are as follows:
1. my memory looks like: some pages app1 that is responsible for update; some pages app2; some pages data
2. I run app1 and in app1 move page by page the data to end of flash because I don't know the size of new app2
3. I update app2
4. I move data back to the next page just after the app2.

When I use PrepareSector, Erase Page, Prepare Sector, Write Page some of my data dissapear. (seems like sector is errased but I want to erase just single page).

Do I have to always use sector update basis? So erase backup sector, move data to backup, erase original sector, move data back to original?

What is the sense of Erase Page?

I use the IAP programming schema from the sample code included to LPCXpresso, just instead erase/write sector I use erase/write page commands.