Not Getting Proper Status Responses of Repeated Start in I2C Protocol of LPC1343?

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Hello!! Everyone i am working on LPC1343 Micro-controller and wants to interface RTCC PCF8523 with LPC1343.

I write code for I2C protocol but its not working.
The problem is found when i send repeated start from master (LPC1343), the status for this must be 0x10 while i am getting 0x28 every time.

[COLOR="#008000"][SIZE=4]I am attaching my code in the zip file available below.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

The functions used for I2C Protocol are as follow:-


#include "LPC13xx.h"
#include "I2C.h"
#include "UART.h"

void I2C_Init(unsigned char Mode)
LPC_SYSCON->PRESETCTRL |= (1<<1);//De-Asserts Reset Signal to I2C
LPC_SYSCON->SYSAHBCLKCTRL |= (1<<5);//Enable I2C Clock

LPC_IOCON->PIO0_4 &= ~0x3F;
LPC_IOCON->PIO0_4 |= 0x01;//SCL

LPC_IOCON->PIO0_5 &= ~0x3F;
LPC_IOCON->PIO0_5 |= 0x01;//SDA

if(Mode == I2C_SPEED_400)
LPC_I2C->SCLH = 90;//I2PCLK is 72MHz
LPC_I2C->SCLL = 90;//I2PCLK is 72MHz
else if(Mode == I2C_SPEED_100)
LPC_I2C->SCLH = 360;//I2PCLK is 72MHz
LPC_I2C->SCLL = 360;//I2PCLK is 72MHz

LPC_I2C->CONCLR = 0xFF;//Clear All Flags
LPC_I2C->CONSET = (1<<6);//I2C Interface Enable
void I2C_Start(void)
LPC_I2C->CONSET |= 0x20;//Set the Start Bit
while(LPC_I2C->STAT!=0x08);//Wait for the Status Bit
void I2C_Restart(void)
LPC_I2C->CONSET |= 0x20;//Set the Start Bit
while(LPC_I2C->STAT!=0x10);//Wait for the Status Bit
void I2C_Stop(void)
LPC_I2C->CONSET |= 0x14;//Stop I2C
LPC_I2C->CONCLR = 0x08;
void I2C_Write(unsigned char data,unsigned char status)
LPC_I2C->DAT = data; 
  LPC_I2C->CONCLR = 0X28;//Clear Start Flag and SI Interrupt
  while(LPC_I2C->STAT!=status);  //Wait for the Status Byte
unsigned char I2C_Read(void)
  LPC_I2C->CONCLR = 0X28;
  while (LPC_I2C->STAT!=0x50);//Wait for Status Set - 0x50


In function Read from RTCC (given below)

[syntax=c]unsigned char PCF8523_Read(unsigned char Address)
unsigned char temp;
temp = I2C_Read();
return temp;

[color=#f30]As i dont have debugger i checked the content of Status Bytes on UART, i found that for I2c_Start, the status byte contains 0x08 when sending rtcc address i am getting status = 0x18 and then after sending the address from where i have to read i am getting status = 0x28 which is correct.
Upto this point i am getting valid status responses, but after sending Repeated Start i am getting 0x28 each and every time continuously.
Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.[/color]