LPC1343 with NOR Flash using NXP Flash Driver

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by FernandoR on Thu Mar 13 13:29:10 MST 2014
Hey folks,

I have another newbie's question about LPC1343 + NOR Flash ...
Considering that I can't use fatFs to store my data with NOR Flash, I read about the Flash Driver found in  \ Lpcxpresso \Examples in the directory of NXP, then I  opened the code to take a look and see if I could understand it, and a was looking the code and I saw they use as base address of the flash the value 0x14000000.

Is this a standard address, or just example of one??
If not standard, how can I get the base address of my Flash Drive?

I know my question are very noob, but I really need to solve this until saturday =/

Once again Thank you guys for the attention!!

Best Regards,
Fernando Augusto Rebêllo
Computer Science student - Univali