[Question] How about "ohci_data" located in iRAM for nxpUSBlib V0.98b

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ruanlin on Sun Feb 17 04:52:23 MST 2013
Now I'm porting nxpUSBlib V0.98b, and progressing build step via batch build,KEIL 4, with config as:
Select Device for Target=LPC1768

My question is about the RAM location "ohci_data" in IRAM.
Regarding dummy macro defined for "__DATA(x)", "ohci_data" should be located in IRAM1 as common .bss and corresponding text can be found in map file as below.
ohci_data                                0x10001100   Data        1280  ohci.o(.bss)

I ask so because i saw "ohci_data" located in iRAM2(start_add 0x2007C000, size 0x8000)in other sample code.
I wounder whether or not it's correct that the "ohci_data" mapped int IRAM1? If not correct,is the problem caused by incorrect configuration for the KEIL proj? How about the correct one?
Regarding various Macro definition for "__DATA(USBRAM_SECTION)", is there any rules or priciples to locate "ohci_data" in IRAM area? Could some one please kindly to give brief specification?

Thanks very much!