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Dear people,

Below my first attempt to program a 1343. Guess what, it does not work. I can compile it, load the image (72 bytes) into the chip.
After restart, I can no longer enter the uart isp  bootloader so I think the chip accepts the checksum in 0x1C  and is in program mode.
But, nothing happens, pin 18 should go low, remains high, probably in a input pull-up state.
What do I do wrong?
And, has anyone an example like this for me? Perhaps a hexdump of a working image, or still better the output of a arm-none-eabi-objdump.
Just something that toggles a pin, any pin. Once, or in a sequence, I don''t care.
Looking forward..........

.equ STACKINIT,0x10002000
.equ RESETVCTR,0x0000021
.equ GPIO2DIR,0x50028000
.equ GPIO2DATA,0x50023FFC
.equ LOOPTIME,6000000
.syntax unified

.org 0x0
_start: .global _start
.word _main + 1    @ reset vector (manually adjust to odd for thumb)
    .word _nmi_handler + 1  
    .word _hard_fault  + 1  
    .word _memory_fault + 1 
    .word _bus_fault + 1    
    .word _usage_fault + 1  
mov r0, 0x10
mov r2, 0
ldr r1, =GPIO2DIR
str r1, [r0]@ GPIO2DIR is now 0x10: pin18 = output
ldr r1, =GPIO2DATA
str r1, [r2]

b infinity
_dummy:                     @ if any int gets triggered, just hang in a loop
        add r0, 1
        add r1, 1
        b _dummy