LPC43xx - LPCUSBlib - MassStorageHost performance

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Hello to everybody

I am testing the performances of a LPC4357 (on a MCB4357 Keil dev board), USB port 0 HS as Mass Storage Host, using the LPCopen platform - LPCUSBlib dedicated example.

Does anybody know how much can I expect? I bet not the theoretical 480Mbit/s, but I'd like to know how far one can go.

At the moment I tried with different MSD flash disks and choose the fastest, then I tried to tune the buffer size (in MassStorageHost.c, static uint8_t buffer[8*1024];) also increasing its size (placing  it to the second portion of the ram through an explicit __attribute__((at(0x20000000))) ).

I discovered that to read a 10MBytes file from the MSD, it takes about 1010ms with 8kB buffer, it increases significantly if I lower the size (2094ms with 2kB buffer), while rising it to 16-32 or even 64 kB doesn't improve very much (at minimun I get 994ms).. i.e I get approx 70-80Mbit/s rate at most.

Is it normal/the maximum I can achieve?

I have a look also at the LPCUSBlib and found in the LPCUSBlibConfig.h the USBRAM_BUFFER_SIZE define (default 4kB), but cannot increase it otherwise the linker won't find enough space.. is it related to the bandwidth limitation I am experiencing or is there something else to optimize?

Thank you in advance,