LPC11u37h usb DEVCMDSTAT register.. cannot change the DEV_ADDR bits...

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by siangming on Wed Dec 10 23:26:05 MST 2014
Hi all,

i am trying to implement a simple USB device on the lpc11u37h.

i am writing my own device drivers on the lpc, but my program got stuck at the Set Address request from the host PC (win 7).

1. i am getting a valid new address from the host.
2. i am writing the new address into DEVCMDSTAT register inside the ISR of the endpoint0 IN interrupt (which correspond to the STATUS stage completion). i know for sure that i am writing the new address in the STATUS stage completion because i set a flag during the SETADDRESS request handling and check for this flag in my endpoint0 IN ISR before i proceed to set the new address.

Here comes the problem.. upon inspection of the register values, i realised i cannot write to the DEV_ADDR (bit0..6) of the DEVCMDSTAT.

ptrToUSB->DEVCMDSTAT |= 0x7F; has no effect on the last 7bits of the register.

- To investigate further, i loaded an example USB HID application by NXP into my LPC chip and it can enumerate ok on the same host pc. This proves my LPC hardware is ok.
- Next, i tried to write to the DEV_ADDR (bit0..6) of the DEVCMDSTAT at the beginning of my program (just after reset_handler)..i also cannot change the bit0..6 at all.. but i can change the other bits of the DEVCMDSTAT register...

Can anyone advise if the LPC11u37h is hard-wired such that we need to satisfy some conditions/settings in some registers before we can write to the DEV_ADDR (bit0..6) of the DEVCMDSTAT??

i am so lost.... HELP!!!