LPCXpresso LPC1347 Rev A

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MikeSimmonds on Sat Nov 15 08:59:44 MST 2014
Quite a while ago, I bought an EA 1347 board (I.e. a LPC-Link [1] plus target)

Blowing the dust off, I plugged in the LPC-Link USB end.
The LED on the target flashes twice every second, so I guessed that it comes pre-loaded with something.

After a bit of a struggle, I have captured the flash contents.

000047C0  ····0123456789abcdef·····***************************************
00004800  ******************···*···* (C) 2012 Embedded Artists AB··* Welco
00004840  me to the LPCXpresso LPC1347 demo program v1.0···* - Flashing LE
00004880  D····* This program is also a test agent for production tests.··
000048C0  ·* It response to EA commands...····%c···%s··FAIL:Resetting inpu
00004900  t data;··Found terminating character as %d···[%d] %c·····Reached
00004940   buff max (%d)··USB HID already ON··USB HID already OFF·········
00004980  ·············&··u·······················!·····)·····2··········!
000049C0  ····"!······· ······ ·······&·N·X·P· ·S·e·m·i·c·o·n·d·u·c·t·o·r·
00004A00  s···L·P·C·1·3·4·x· ·H·I·D· ···D·E·M·O· · · · · · · ·E·A···H·I·D·
00004A40  ··Serial initialized······hwUSB_Init error!!!······· ····5······
00004A80  ·\···j··@w········!···$·@·'··2)· @,·`M/···0·@·3··{·············@

This appears to be a demo by EA.

I could not find the source bundle for this nor (more importantly) the PC program
(and its source code I hope) that excercises the demo. On the EA site. It just refers
back to the IDE and this forum, but nowhere specific.

Can anyone provide links for the above. Or, indeed, shed any light on the matter.

Cheers, Mike