LPC4357 USB HID OUT endpoint problem

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Hello All,

I am using an LPC4357 Embedded Artists dev board and LPCOpen to create a USB HID device with one interrupt IN and one OUT endpoint (endpoints 1 and 2). The HID device enumerates OK and I am able to correctly send info device->host via the IN endpoint. However, despite configuring the OUT endpoint it does not seem to register any data being sent to it from the host.

I saw this in HIDClassDevice.h for USB_ClassInfo_HID_Device_t:

@note Due to technical limitations, the HID device class driver does not utilize a separate OUT
*        endpoint for host->device communications. Instead, the host->device data (if any) is sent to
*        the device via the control endpoint.

Before going into full detail on low level USB controller debugging, what are those "technical limitations"? Is there something fundamental preventing me from implementing a HID interrupt OUT endpoint? Or is it just that support for it is not yet implemented in the HID class stack (or not considered important enough)?