USB, how do I start

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I have a problem in using the nxpUSBlib. So before I'm going to torture you all with my, certainly stupid questions, I'd like to know, if there is a tutorial or a how to for this usb library. Of course I've gone through a lot of examples, but honestly, I didn't understand that much of how I have to set up my software to use usb correctly. So what I am looking for are documentations, book, homepages etc. to look my fundamental questions up. Of course a VERY got commented source code would be pretty cool, but that's not exactly what I am looking for. These documentations have not to be explicitly for this lib, if it's a common guide on how to use usb correctly, that would already be great.
So i know its a common asked question, but I didn't found much that I could use. If any of you know a good book or things like that, I would be very thankful.

As reference for what I'm looking for:

I am working with the LPCXpresso and it's baseboard (rev B). My goal is to get data out of a GPS-Mouse to track the route, velocity and all that stuff.